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Our aim is to produce products of worth that don't burden the Environment.



We are a modern design studio, working on a wide range of products and processes with accountability at our core. We strive hard to deliver intelligent design that is ecologically respectful and

appropriate to our time and place.




Tanti is an archaic word that means worthwhile, and that is what we're trying to be.


Our impact on the Environment


Human impact on our environment and our struggle to reduce carbon in our atmosphere, is a persistent burden on the collective consciousness. We want to deliver guilt-free designs that delight without compromise. We make informed considered decisions throughout the development journey, evaluating the environmental impact of each and every material and how they will be affected during the products life. So from start to finish we ask; Where did this material come from? What's the impact of selecting it? Can it be replaced or is there a better alternative? Can it be reused, recycled, or returned to nature? How much energy was used to manufacture the raw material in the first place?


We work hard to innovate process, taking inspiration from established practises of mass production before dissecting and reinventing them to offer something new and personal. We champion emerging green technologies, learn constantly and try our best. We can't promise to always be right, a truth one day is a fallacy the next in this ever-changing present, but we are trying to be good, delivering great design in an honest way.


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